NÓNG by Edible Garden City
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NÓNG aims to bring the "Grow Your Own Food" movement closer to you in your community, with exhibitions, workshops, activities for families and artisanal products made with love and respect for our earth.

With more than 90% of our food imported from other countries as far as the US or Africa, we are definitely dependent on the agricultural products from the rest of the world. But, do we know what we're putting into our bodies?

Fruits and vegetables undergo a modification process before exportation that helps extend their shelf life in our supermarkets, with most nutrients dead upon arrival. Each conventionally-farmed apple contains 42 types of pesticides that are highly carcinogenic. Livestock is continually fed artificial growth hormones and antibiotics that enter our bodies as we eat them.

It is so important to grow our own food, not just because we should know what we put into our mouths, but also, growing our own food reconnects us city dwellers to nature, conserves financial resources and cultivates a sense of community and belonging.

Leave NÓNG with a new perspective and some new skills. Here, we emphasize the importance of having fun, loving the earth, and respecting life.